9-Year-Old Girl Develops iOS Application; Gets Praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook

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IOS developer

What do we generally expect from an average 9-year-old? Going to school, playing video games, or watching endless youtube videos right? But 9-year-old Hana Muhammad is different, the tech prodigy was able to develop a whole iOS application that helps parents to record stories for their little ones.

Hana’s storytelling application is published on the Apple App store and is completely free for users on the iPad, iPhone and Mac. The application enhances storytelling by offering the right visuals and elements thus making bedtime stories a lot more fun for children and their parents.

Currently, Hana’s application has a 4.5-star rating on the App Store and is gaining a lot of traction after the 9-year-old developer received praise from Apple CEO Tim Cook himself.

Hana received compliments from Cook in reply to an email that she sent to explain her products and the achievements that she has had with it. In his email, Cook congratulated Hana for creating such a wonderful application and also mentioned that she would do great in life if she stays persistent.

With the ability to code an iOS application for 9 years old, Hana started out with coding when she was just five years old. She started building her storytelling application at 8 and wrote over 10,000 lines of code in 1 year and has published it now.

In her emails, Hana has mentioned that she has avoided using third-party libraries, classes and codes and has created the whole application from scratch. Hana after closely analyzing the busy schedule of parents realized that parents are tired at the end of the day thus her storytelling application can serve as the perfect alternative.

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