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PTA Urges Parents to Install Parental Control Apps

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Parental Control App

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has suggested to parents that they install parental control software on mobile phones and other electronic devices in order to protect their children from any unpleasant incidence that may be associated with cybercrime.

In a recent recommendation, the regulatory body for the telecommunications industry noted that “Parents need to be aware of children’s online activities to avoid their engagement in cybercrime through the internet/social media,” which would ultimately result in criminal repercussions for the children.

Being online provides the typical benefits of gaming, engaging in entertaining activities, and participating in educational pursuits; however, it also presents the possibility of risks such as exposure to inappropriate content and cyberbullying as well as the possibility of being targeted by online predators. According to the watchdog, it is rather simple for children to fall prey to these kinds of activities if they are not led or monitored by their parents or instructors.

List of Available Software

PTA has also provided the public with a list of software that provides parental control, which includes the following:

Net Nanny

Net Nanny

While summary statistics on your child’s internet usage are useful, NetNanny provides parents with a bit more information through many real-time choices. NetNanny, like most parental control programs, allows parents to follow their child’s whereabouts in real-time, but it goes beyond. Caregivers may configure their parental control settings to notify them whenever their kid attempts to visit a barred or restricted website, and they can tailor what material is classified as “blocked” or “restricted.” NetNanny also has an in-app family feed that parents can view in real-time to obtain information on what their children are doing online.

Other helpful settings include internet filters, screen time management, app banning, and digital well-being reports. While you can’t use the software to track your child’s phone calls or messages, NetNanny’s filter works well with social media sites like TikTok and YouTube.



You can’t go wrong with Norton if you’re searching for a parental control tool to help you regulate your child’s screen time. The programme allows parents to do anything from setting screen time limits to creating internet time blocks to remotely “pausing” (freezing) their child’s phone.

The software is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and you can attach up to five devices to a single account.



While there are many excellent parental control applications available, Qustodio stands out because it allows parents to monitor all of their children’s devices, no matter where they are. With this program, parents can limit their child’s screen time while also monitoring how they spend their time on their devices, including anything from browser history to time spent on certain applications to YouTube views and more.

And that is only scraping the surface of what this software is capable of. Qustodio may block unsuitable and possibly harmful material and apps, notify parents when their child attempts to visit a prohibited website, track device location, and monitor conversations and SMS text messages. In addition, parents receive daily, weekly, and monthly activity reports on their children, as well as real-time warnings when their child is in a potentially harmful scenario.