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Tim Cooks Says Apple Wants To Use Augmented Reality To Make Conversations Better

From high-end Mixed Reality headsets to an Apple Car, Apple surely knows how to make an impact and get...

Apr 6 ·>

Apple to cough up almost $310mn for patent infringement

A federal jury in Texas said Apple must pay about $308.5 million to Personalized Media Communications (PMC) for infringing...

Mar 22 ·>

Cook vs. Zuckerberg: Apple CEO bashes his Facebook rival over data privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook clearly has zero qualms about voicing his opinion against his rivals in the world of...

Feb 1 ·>

Elon Musk reveals that he once tried to sell Tesla to Apple

Hard as this might be to believe, there was once a time when tech visionary and serial entrepreneur Elon...

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Dec 23 ·>

Trump meets with Apple CEO amidst increasingly tense relations with China

Unsurprisingly, with negotiations between the USA and China having reached a standstill, the tension between the two nations is...

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Jun 17 ·>

Apple loses traction in China as the Chinese smartphone market dips by 15%

According to analysts at Canalys, the Chinese smartphone market as a whole has fallen by 15% in the third...

Jan 8 ·>
Tim Cook

Did Bill Gates just call Apple “amazing”?

After the US-based company, Apple released their earnings report, shares of the company saw a significant boost and when...

May 8 ·>
Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates speaks at the "Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases" conference at the Royal College of Physicians in London

Apple’s memo warning employees about leaking gets leaked

Apple is well-known for keeping things under wraps, but the company’s leadership isn’t pleased with the frequency of Apple...

Apr 16 ·>

Apple doesn’t follow other companies, says CEO Tim Cook

Apple has recently been named as the most innovative company in the world by Fast Company. After naming Apple...

Feb 22 ·>

Apple ranks No.1 in the most innovative companies list

Those slowing iPhone models with their old and worn batteries and a lot of bugs in them weren’t able...

Feb 21 ·>
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Tim Cook warns that social media is no good for kids

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned about the potential risks of the overuse of technology and the use of...

Jan 22 ·>

Apple CEO: iPhone owners will be able to monitor the health of the battery

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company will release an update for the users of iPhone that...

Jan 18 ·>