A closer look at BizzTrax 377, a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management Software

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Cloud-based services are on the rise. According to reports, Cloud vendors are witnessing a 50% growth rate per year and almost all good platforms are shifting to the cloud. For the uninitiated, cloud services basically offer you IT-related resources on demand. Like the rest of the world, Pakistan is following suit. There is a lot of work being done in this sector and numerous cloud-based services have risen that are slowly making their way into our work environments. One such application is BizzTrax 377.

What is BizzTrax 377?

BizzTrax 377 (Enterprise Resource Planning / Business Intelligence / Customer Relationship Management) Software
for services, distribution, manufacturing, and retail industries. It was developed by EfroTech, one of Pakistan’s leading IT solutions companies. Most of their work is centered on providing solutions for Human Resource, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Resource Planning needs.

Launched in 1997, EfroTech has been able to climb the success ladder to become one of the country’s top software service providers. The main aim behind this 2 times P@SHA award winning product is to incorporate all business critical functions like inventory, warehousing, procurement, finance, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and costing. It has been integrated with proprietary Business Intelligence tools like orBItrax, which can provide the user with all the necessary information at the tap of a button. It provides an excellent platform for established businesses as well as budding startups. It has been well recognized by both its customers and critics.


What features does BizzTrax 377 offer?

BizzTrax 377 comes with a wide range of features to help streamline enterprise resource planning.

Here is a small overview of what this product has to offer:

1. eInventory: BizzTrax 377 offers users more control and visibility over their inventory costs. The eInventory module maintains stock levels, processes inventory receipts, adjustments, transfers, and returns. It also offers features like demand planning, flexibility, supplier management and customer support.

2. eSales: This well-developed module controls sales territory management, customer/ distributor management, dispatches, invoice processing, sales returns, debit/credit notes issuance and approvals. It will also allow user to keep track of promotion goods and discounts, form report and sales analysis, and maintain customer order.

3. eBuyer: This module takes care of procurement by generating and tracking purchase orders. This feature reduces all data redundancies and provides users with real-time reporting. It is capable of analyzing the supplier, purchase ordering, and tracking progress.

4. eFinancials: This module completely integrates the different areas of finance and is further splits into three: the General Ledger handles almost all your financial needs, A/R module helps you to speed-up your client billing and collection process, and the A/P module efficiently controls the cash management and expenses.

5. eProduction: This module offers a powerful MRP (Material Requirement Planning) process that automatically generates gross and net requirements including the issuance of work orders to departments and purchase orders to suppliers. It takes bill of material (BOM) as input and performs complex calculations to produce accurate material requirements.

6. eCosting: This priceless module will simply make your life easier while managing product costing and keeping a tab on your profitability, every step of the way.

7. eQuality: Quality Control has a significant importance in all great organizations. BizzTrax 377 allows you to do just that by keeping records of all incoming raw materials, in-process subassemblies and outgoing finished production batches, and building traceability into the product quality.

8. orBItrax: This powerful and easy-to-use ’Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool’ facilitates users in creating, customizing, scheduling, and publishing dynamic reports through a simple browser-based interface. This efficient tool will allow user organizations to become more responsive to threats and opportunities, provide decision-makers with up-to-date information, quickly identify and respond to business trends.

9. eCRM: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems manage and analyze data from interaction with customers, with the objective of better understanding the customer. The eCRM module tracks all customer related activities from a single point, throughout their life cycle.

10. eAssets: This module provides users the tools to completely manage your company’s Fixed Assets and helps keep a tab on the CAPEX. It assists users in most effectively recording the entire life-cycle of the depreciating and non-depreciating assets. Through its tight integration with eFinancials, eAssets can track physical attributes, record tax, calculate depreciation & budget for future acquisitions of assets and all of this information can be made readily available, on-Cloud.

Views of a BizzTrax 377 client

To know more about the effectiveness of BizzTrax 377 in an actual business environment, we contacted Ehtesham Maqbool Elahi, Executive Director at Macpac Films Ltd. His company has been using BizzTrax 377 since July 2015. Due to various internal considerations, including patronization for local vendors and personalized support requirements they chose not to go with any established international solution (like SAP, MS Dynamics, etc). They also have had positive experiences while working with EfroTech for nearly 6 years using a prior version of BizzTrax 377.

While talking about BizzTrax 377, he said that their experience had been good. He also had some suggestions as to what could be done more by EfroTech to make sure that their customers get the best possible experience.
Talking about the things that could be improved at EfroTech’s end, he said:

“The product can be improved (even more) by periodic feedback by company directly from customers, formally and acting upon suggestions. There should be more customer focused and improved reports options in dashboard level. There are some changes needed to improve usability of reports so that writers without technical knowledge are able to perform slight report changes.”

“BizzTrax377 is the best choice when it comes to locally developed and cost effective solutions”

In the end, looking at the competitive landscape from global ERP brands, he said that BizzTrax 377 needs to keep up with international challenges and ever-changing needs of customers. But despite all that, he had found BizzTrax 377 to be the best choice when it comes to locally developed and cost effective solutions. He recommended other companies to look at BizzTrax 377 if they are hindered by budget challenges and are looking for a solution carrying expertise of local and international best practices.

BizzTrax377 ERP brings under one roof the entire spectrum of software needs for any business operating in Services, Manufacturing, Distribution or Retail as it seamlessly bundles with the ERP application the critical and otherwise stand-alone modules of CRM, Business Intelligence, Fixed Assets, Secondary Sales and Payroll. All of which are also available on the Cloud.

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