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Hello readers! Today we have moved TechJuice to SSL. Which means that now your sessions on TechJuice will be more secure and less annoying. I will get to the annoying part later.

Let us first focus on security. Although, you are not asked to share passwords, or any other personal details on our website other than an email address (for newsletter), we believe that security of our users is very important. If you are following the updates from our end (you should be ), we have recently started curating technology related jobs from some of the renowned and best workplaces in Pakistan. In future, we plan to continue working on this. As we move forward, the job board will be polished with newly added features. Moving the website to SSL is our step to prep up for the updates.

Another thing that you will notice on TechJuice is notifications. Although, we have presence on major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, a lot of our readers complain that our stories, sometimes, don’t appear on their timelines. We acknowledge that with massive embrace of social media, huge content is being produced every day – which rapidly changes our timelines. Hence, it is totally understandable that TechJuice updates can die in tons of other social media posts. Our solution to that problem is notifications.

When you open our website, you will get a prompt to subscribe to our notifications. You just have to approve that. Once approved, you will be informed of all the important updates, jobs, interviews and anything which is of interest to you. Don’t worry! We will not drown you in notifications. Our focus is on less and more precise notifications.

Now let’s talk about the annoying part. A few months ago, we noticed a strange pattern in the feedback and comments on our website. You guys were leaving angry, ruthless comments on our website and social media posts about advertisements, specially about pop-up, pop-under and interstitial ads.

For the record, we have never sported such ads on our website, we believe these ads are annoying and truly destroy the user experience. The whole TechJuice team agrees to this.

On close inspection, we realized that the real culprit is your network, Ufone. Ufone is hijacking the non-SSL websites and installing scripts that are responsible for ubiquitous ads. If you are using Ufone internet or tethering the service on your laptop or any other device, you are likely to experience this behavior on normal websites – not the secured (https) websites. TechJuice raised this concern last year but Ufone is in total denial mode. A fellow Irfan Ahmad has explained how he investigated the issue in a very simple and understandable post. I will encourage you to read that. As Irfan said, there can be two reasons for this behavior 1) Ufone is doing it. 2) Ufone’s server is hijacked. Whatever the reason is, we know that there is an issue and something should be done to counter that. Most recently, Zong has also started injecting script to install Zong Toolbar. The teleco claims it is for user help and making their experience better but security experts of Pakistan think otherwise.

Amidst all these updates from internet providers end, the most reasonable thing which we could have done was making our website more secure, which we have done today. We have moved our website to SSL!

I hope you all continue reading TechJuice and keep sharing your feedback so that we can make your TechJuice experience better and smooth.

Keep visiting!

Written by Fatima Rizwan
I cover startups and entrepreneurs for TechJuice. Email: fatima@techjuice.pk. Profile