A robot by Momentum Machines capable of dishing out 400 burgers an hour set to launch soon

Ali Raza Written by Ali Raza · 1 min read>

A robot by Momentum Machines can make and issue out up to 400 burgers an hour and is set for a launch in the Bay Area. It poses a danger to people working in the fast food industry as it has many advantages over human workers.

It has always been said that robots will take over jobs currently done by humans. That dreadful dream seems not to be too far off given the latest developments in robotics and the food sector. Just recently, Geek detailed out a robot that can grill better than most humans. Now, a better one has come out and it aims to do everything humans can do; only better and faster.

The new robot is being produced by Momentum Machines and it comes packed with features that will make human workers seem too slow for work. It can cook patty, add toppings such as onions, pickles and tomatoes and do just about everything there is to do to make a great burger. Not just that, it can do this job at a speed that allows it to make 400 burgers an hour.

The robot has various advantages over human workers that could see owners of fast food joints scramble to replace their human workforces with the robots. Besides the obvious speed which is an advantage many fast food joints need to serve more customers (and earn more in the process), there is the benefit of not having to deal with complex human needs. No breaks. No sick leaves. No medical insurance of any kind. The robot will not get tired as long as it is serviced every once in a while and given the right instructions. With an estimated price of about $30,000 for each robot, fast food joint owners will easily recoup the cost of their investment in a few days of putting the robot to work.

Momentum Machines has raised more than $18 million for this particular project. Such a figure in a short period shows how much investors are willing to replace costly human labor with robots.