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A young entrepreneur created a COVID 19 resource map of Pakistan

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Young Pakistani female entrepreneur has come up with a COVID health resource map that can be very beneficial when it comes to offering information on the availability of health facilities in Pakistan.

Jaya Rajwanti a social impact enthusiast and data collector who had come up with a map that would inform the people about the quarantine facilities, health centers, pharmacies, and testing centers in the country. This would be a big help as there are not many platforms that can give such valuable information. Besides, people of interest can also look through the capacity of these facilities via using COVID health resource map. This platform is also very helpful to the professionals as they would get an overview of the people affected by COVID 19. In short, there is a vast amount of data collected by Jaya that touches different aspects linked with COVID 19.
Pakistan is in a state of turmoil because as the government lifts off the lockdown or give partial relief, the novel coronavirus cases rise on a speedy rate and our health system won’t be able to bear coronavirus patients on such large capacity. On the other hand, if the lockdown is strictly observed the affluent stricken nation would die out of starvation and hunger. The map is easy to operate as it comes with easy to understand interface as it offers multiple categories.

Earlier this year Jaya came up with a chatbot designed as Raaji that was generated for the girl talk. The purpose of creating the chatbot was to educate young girls about young girl’s related health issues.

Jaya is a young entrepreneur of Pakistan who has won several awards on the national and international levels. She aims to use AI and data and improve technological solutions in the country. Besides that, she speaks regularly on different tech platforms like AI Summit Pakistan, WOW Festival Pakistan, Tech Camp 2.0, and Google IO, etc.