Active Social Media presence can help Punjab Government in better decision making

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  55 sec read >

The administrative Sciences Institute of Punjab University carried out the research which stressed the Federal government to enhance its presence on Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook so that the Punjab citizens could participate in different campaigns and help the government in a better decision making.

The title of the research is “Can the government’s presence on social media stimulates the citizen’s online political participation?” the purpose of the research is to investigate the effect of responsiveness, trust, and transparency. The research was conducted with the help of over 400 social media active users. The results of the research depicted that when the governmental organization provides online information, it enhances the citizen’s online involvement.

It is safe to say that the government should devise a foolproof strategy regarding this manner which encourages the people to provide their valuable input. Not just that, people should be assured that their feedback will influence the decisions of the policy made by the respective department of the government.

As per the report of the research, different departments of government that are still not utilizing the social media platforms for reaching out to the citizens are advised to build up an online presence and engage the users for better delivery regarding the upcoming policies.

The research was devised by Sobia Khuram the assistant professor at IAS department Punjab University. Along with her, Saman Arshad the M.Phil scholar also helped in formulating the research. The complete information of this research has been published in the Government Information Quarterly journal