Amazon achieved the most valuable brand website yet again

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Amazon is recognized as the most valuable website of 2020 for the third running year. It is perhaps the only company to exceed the $200 Billion brand value by reaching a $220 billion milestone. The worth of Amazon was verified in an annual Brand Finance Global 500 report.

The report that ranked the 500 companies was published by Tata Consultancy Services at the World Economic Forum. The CEO of Brand Finance David Haigh said: ”The brand that boasts the highest brand value ever, Amazon continues to impress across the imperishable consumer truths: value, convenience, and choice. Today Amazon’s situation seems more than comfortable, but what will the roaring twenties hold in store?”

Even though Amazon has a widespread reputation in the retail ecosystem other supermarkets are going on a fast pace too like Lidl and Aldi. So many other brands have depicted that e-commerce is not the only route to success.

Interestingly Google is ranked as the second-highest most valuable brand globally. The company had upgraded in terms of rank as it was in third place last year. The position of Google had been reversed with Apple this year though. Besides, those other very important brands are Microsoft, ICBC, Walmart, Samsung, Huawei, and Pingan.

Uber is clearly in crisis as its value reduced by the third year. On the other hand, Tesla was ranked as the fastest-growing brand in the world. Instagram is standing in the same line as Tesla. When it comes to Telecom, these are faired less well, with 4 by 5 brands losing its value. In Europe, the German brands took the lead. Mercedes-Benz is categorized as the most popular B2C brand.

In the end, David Haigh said: “Greta brands need great leaders. They set and direct brand purpose and balance short and long term financial returns. Their role is to gauge the mood of external stakeholders and ensure that all internal stakeholders behave in a way that is consistent with organizing purpose and profit.”