Go big or go home? Investors consider how to treat tech stocks in 2021

As the tumultuous year of 2020 screeches towards its end, tech investors are trying to figure out how to...

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Dec 28 · 2 min read >

France slaps massive fines on Google and Amazon for dropping tracking cookies without consent

France’s premier data protection agency, the CNIL, fined tech titans Google and Amazon today for dropping tracking cookies without...

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Dec 10 · 1 min read >

Amazon faces lawsuit over sacking of warehouse worker

According to a lawsuit filed by the National Labor Relations Board, Amazon’s firing of Courtney Bowden, a worker in...

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Dec 6 · 57 sec read >

Google plans to turn YouTube into a shopping hub

If you had a rupee for every time you’ve watched a YouTuber showcase a product in one of their...

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Oct 13 · 1 min read >

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google abusing market power – US Authorities

On October 7th, the United States’ House of Representatives reached a consensus that the four big names in the...

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Oct 12 · 55 sec read >

Amazon criticized for selling ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ caps

Amazon has been called out for selling hats with the provocative slogan “Black Lives Don’t Matter”, and what makes...

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Sep 22 · 1 min read >

Amazon acquires autonomous vehicle startup Zoox for $1.2 billion

Amazon has announced it is acquiring self-driving car startup Zoox in a deal estimated to be worth $1.2 billion...

Jun 28 · 1 min read >

IHC asked Federal Government to bring PayPal and Amazon services in Pakistan

Two weeks have been given to the federal government by Islamabad high court for submitting its response against the...

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Jun 25 · 1 min read >

Amazon bans police use of its facial recognition tech following racial bias concerns

Tech giant Amazon has decided to put its foot down as far as the American police’s controversial use of...

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Jun 11 · 1 min read >

Amazon is hitting it hard in the stock market

Amazon with its active involvement in the online world has earned a status of death star as it shocks...

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May 18 · 1 min read >

Amazon pulls out of the Mobile World Congress due to Coronavirus concerns

The Mobile World Congress (MVC), all set to start on the 24th of this month is quickly losing many...

Feb 10 · 1 min read >

Amazon workers are raising their voice against company’s record over climate change

Hundreds of Amazon workers are risking their jobs by openly criticizing the company’s record over climate change. On Sunday,...

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Jan 27 · 1 min read >