Amazon Is In Competition With Starlink: Launches $120 Million Satellite Factory

On Saturday, Jeff Bazos announced its plans to establish state of the art satellite processing facility at NASA’s Kennedy...

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Jul 25 · >

7 Creative Online Bussiness Ideas For Digital Entrepreneurship

The online business is overgrowing after covid-19. Enterprises have shifted their paradigms towards online work. Therefore, every company, whether...

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Jul 20 · >

Amazon Invests $100 Million Towards a Generative AI Center

Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky says that the $100 million investment is Amazon’s “three steps in, and it’s...

Jun 23 · >

Hackers Threaten To Release 80GB Of Confidential Data Stolen From Reddit

Hackers are threatening to leak out personal and confidential information stolen from Reddit. The hackers demanded a ransom amount...

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Jun 20 · >

Amazon Cracks Down on Fake Reviews Using AI

According to Amazon, the ‘fake review spotting’ AI tool uses machine learning to find relations between a purchasing account...

Jun 13 · >

Fake AI Image Causes A Major Decline In US Stock Market

At a start of a week in May, the US stock market took a sudden turn. A picture of...

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Jun 13 · >

Amazon Employees Plan a Mass Walkout to Protest Against Company Policies

About 1,816 employees from different Amazon offices walked out in protest against the new return-to-office policy As a part...

May 31 · >

NVIDIA Is On The Verge Of Surpassing Facebook And Tesla: Nears $1 Trillion Market Capitalization

Nvidia, an American multinational technology company and a prominent computer chip designer, experienced a remarkable surge in its stock...

May 29 · >

Amazon Employees Plan To Walk Off The Job:As Tech Worker Tension Rises

San Francisco: On Monday, Amazon tech workers circulated messages via Slack and email. Where employee organizers call out colleagues...

May 23 · >

Apple Bans Use of ChatGPT in its Offices

Joining in after Samsung, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Apple becomes the newest company to ban ChatGPT in its...

May 19 · >

US Company Sells Indian ‘CharPai’ For Over Rs 1 Lakh: A Traditional Indian Bed

An American e-commerce company specializing in craft supplies selling an Indian Charpai. The CharPai is an Indian traditional bed...

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May 17 · >

Google TV Expands Its Offerings With 800 Free Channels

The biggest search engine, Google, has introduced a new live TV experience. Google offers over 800 free TV channels...

Apr 14 · >