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App Bakery – Building Digital Bridges for the Younger Generation!

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >

There is an abundance of applications related to games and music. It is only now and then that you come across a smartphone application that serves a bigger purpose than entertainment. App Bakery is a Pakistani app development company with refreshing new ideas. Read on to find out more about what App Bakery is doing!

App Bakery aims to build applications that will help in interactive education for kids. The initiative is a noble one, especially in the face of the fact that the younger generation is equipped with an innate talent to operate technological gadgets. A four year old handling an iPad better than an MBA degree holder is nothing new but a kid’s fascination with gadgets and games can now be used in a constructive way.

Animal Games for Kids launched by the App Bakery is one such venture. The Games are designed to contribute to learning using interactive visuals and sounds which can be fun and a big help for parents. Currently only available for iOS, the games combine standard teaching basics like counting and learning names of things and animals with creative graphics which are sure to grab your child’s attention and keep him busy. This way you can stop worrying that your child is wasting time on your phone.

This is, however, just a beginning for App Bakery. The Pakistani company run by Muhammad Yousuf and Abdul Moiz intends to do a lot more and revolutionize the learning process. Apart from basic, standard education for small kids, they also intend to add something along the lines of a ‘Qaida’, merging culture with technology to equip our younger generations with knowledge. While the project is still in the stages of development, it is a great idea.

App Bakery is one of the many companies in Pakistan that are working on Smartphone Application development but one of the few who are pursuing original, innovative ideas. As far as learning is concerned, the smartphone market is still open to creative ideas and we hope the App Bakery gets a coveted spot. Do support the Pakistani Developers by downloading the application from the store here.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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