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Apple hires car designer Andrew Kim from Tesla

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Apple has hired Tesla’s Senior Manager for Design Andrew Kim who worked on Model 3, Model S, X, Semi, Roadster V2 and Model Y designs during his 2 years tenure. Previously, he was hired by Microsoft to work on Windows 10 as his Slate design language turned out to be pretty popular. He worked for more than 3 years in Microsoft working on HoloLens and New Devices interface designing and he left for Tesla.

Apple’s latest hiring pretty much confirms that things are in process for a car. Apple had been working on self-driving cars for years but it closed many divisions in 2016 and just focused on self-driving software. Tim Cook’s ambitions go far beyond that as he expects Apple to work on “autonomous systems” rather than be limited to just cars. Tesla’s chief vehicle engineer, Doug Field also joined Apple a few months back which shows the Cupertino based company is readying up a team for car production or something on similar lines.

Andrew’s LinkedIn profile shows that he started working at Apple this month. Due to his background in UI/UX design, it could also be possible that he is going work on the GUI of a possible self-driving software or his experience at Tesla could be used at refining the design of the car itself.

Do you think Apple is working on a car or just a self-driving software?

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