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Apple Siri will now answer calls for you

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  57 sec read >

Apple has always been appreciated for their efforts of thinking outside the box. Now, the company wants Siri to answer your calls and transcribe them into readable text messages so that you don’t have to answer your calls. Currently, the service is undergoing further testing and will most probably set for 2016 release.

With the improved integration of Siri coming up in iOS9, there is a strong evidence that Siri will be able to transcribe your voicemails into text messages without accessing the voicemail itself.

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The service will be handled by Apple’s iCloud Voicemail service. Users who enable the service can have Siri answer their phone during their unavailability. Siri will, in turn, tell the caller your location and the reason for not attending the call. Once the caller leaves their message, Siri will connect with Apple servers and transcribe the voicemail message into a text for you.

iOS 9 will go into a deeper integration of connecting users and applications. Perhaps, this is the first of many examples to follow in the new OS. We certainly can’t wait to see what other spectacular surprises await users in iOS 9. The service might not be available until late versions of iOS9 and maybe even till iOS 10.

Currently, there is no official announcement or source of the service from Apple end, but knowing Apple, we can’t say that a move like this isn’t unprecedented for them.

What are your thoughts on the voicemail transcription service? Would you be willing to pay for it? Let us know in the comments.

Via BusinessInsider