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Apple Starts Manufacturing Airpod Components in India

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Airpod production India
According to reports, Apple with the help of its supplier Jabil Inc is developing airpod components in India and exporting them to be assembled in China and Vietnam

Recent reports from Bloomberg suggest that Apple has started manufacturing its Airpod components in India. The tech giant is performing the operations with the help of its supplier Jabil Inc.

Apple makes the premium TWS airpod components in India and then sends them off into its assembling factories located in China and Vietnam. Workers at the Chinese and Vietnamese factories then assemble these parts and make it a complete AirPod.

But why is Apple only manufacturing the components in India? Why not also assemble it in the country as well? Well, it’s suggested that Apple is slowly moving its production base from China to India and is currently taking baby steps towards the process.

This component production in India is one of the many steps towards Apple switching from China to India. Once completed, this switch will make India and Vietnam the two main production centers for Apple.

According to multiple reports, Apple has plans to increase production in India by over 25% in the next few years. While some of this includes other Apple products such as the AirPods, a majority of it will be the iPhone.

It’s also rumored that Apple is currently looking forward to manufacturing Macbooks and iPads within India.

Analysts suggest that Apple will have a much easier time manufacturing its products in India than it did in China. Which is made possible because of its partnership with Foxconn that is providing it with a mix of imported and locally manufactured components.


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