Apple Rumoured to Bring USB-C To AirPods, Mac Accessories By 2024

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to implement USB-C charging across its AirPods and Mac accessories in...

Oct 11 · >

Apple Raises Prices for the iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8; except in US and China

With rampant inflation persisting and a worldwide recession looming, all eyes were on how Apple priced its flagship product...

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Sep 9 · >

When And Where Can I Buy the Apple Airpod Pro 2?

On September 7, 2022, Apple did an online event in which CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues announced three...

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Sep 8 · >

Here’s everything that happened at Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ event, new MacBooks, AirPods, and more

After the announcement of the iPhone 13, Apple introduced some major products at their recent Unleashed event. This event...

Oct 20 · >

Latest Apple leak reveals upcoming AirPods 3 launch

Despite the recent increase in price in future Apple products, the AirPods 3 is said to be one of...

Apr 5 · >

If Apple Airpods were a country, its GDP would be greater than 58 countries of the world

A senior analyst at TheHustle, Trung T. Phan, has highlighted the sales of the Apple Airpods. According to his...

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Jan 12 · >

Apple AirPods won’t stop working even if you swallow them

Perhaps AirPods are water resistant to an extent that they will work even after coming straight out of p*op....

May 6 · >

Apple is working on next generation, water-resistant AirPods

Apple is planning to expand its brand offerings by introducing premium, water resistant AirPods with enhanced Siri integration. We...

Jun 26 · >

Apple ranks No.1 in the most innovative companies list

Those slowing iPhone models with their old and worn batteries and a lot of bugs in them weren’t able...

Feb 21 · >

Google’s Fast Pair feature is now available on non-Pixel Android phones

Google introduced a feature called Fast Pair with the launch of Google Pixel devices. The feature lets you quickly...

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Nov 1 · >