Latest Apple leak reveals upcoming AirPods 3 launch

Despite the recent increase in price in future Apple products, the AirPods 3 is said to be one of...

Apr 5 ·>

If Apple Airpods were a country, its GDP would be greater than 58 countries of the world

A senior analyst at TheHustle, Trung T. Phan, has highlighted the sales of the Apple Airpods. According to his...

Jan 12 ·>

Apple AirPods won’t stop working even if you swallow them

Perhaps AirPods are water resistant to an extent that they will work even after coming straight out of p*op....

May 6 ·>

Apple is working on next generation, water-resistant AirPods

Apple is planning to expand its brand offerings by introducing premium, water resistant AirPods with enhanced Siri integration. We...

Jun 26 ·>

Apple ranks No.1 in the most innovative companies list

Those slowing iPhone models with their old and worn batteries and a lot of bugs in them weren’t able...

Feb 21 ·>
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Google’s Fast Pair feature is now available on non-Pixel Android phones

Google introduced a feature called Fast Pair with the launch of Google Pixel devices. The feature lets you quickly...

Nov 1 ·>
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