Arab entrepreneur, Arif Ahmed, has bought the world’s most expensive number plate

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According to an Al Arabiya report, the world’s most expensive number plate has been sold for $5 million during an auction that took place in Sharjah. The special auction was held for the sale of vehicle number plates in Dubai. The auction was an attraction for Arab businessmen who bid millions for every number plate on sale.

Over a 1000 individuals participated in the auction where 60 number plates were sold. The total amount collected through the auction sales was $13 million. The special thing about these number plates were the digits on them. Number plates with digits such as 1000, 333, and 50 were the feature of the auction. Business and entrepreneurs alike came to showcase their wealth at the auction. Each individual had their own preference for the number plates.

However, the most interesting number plate was the one with the digit ‘1’ on it. This number plate had bids as high as $4.9 million before being finally bought for a price of $5 million!

An Arab entrepreneur, Arif Ahmed Alzrauny bought the number plate saying that he wanted to get the ‘Number 1’ plate for any cost. He said that he saw himself as Number One which is why he wanted the same number plate for his car as well.

Written by Saad Mughal
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