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Oracle founder owns billion dollar stake in Tesla

Tesla has confirmed that billionaire Larry Ellison owns a stake in Tesla worth about $1 billion. Considering the current...

Jan 9 · >

Apple loses traction in China as the Chinese smartphone market dips by 15%

According to analysts at Canalys, the Chinese smartphone market as a whole has fallen by 15% in the third...

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Jan 8 · >

ASUS reveals the ‘world’s thinnest bezels’ in the Zenbook S13

ASUS has broken new ground in CES ’19 by announcing the Zenbook S13, which comes equipped with the world’s...

Jan 8 · >

System-wide Dark Mode might finally be coming to Android Q

System-wide Dark Mode will finally be an Android feature with the release of the Android Q operating system in...

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Jan 7 · >