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Avatar is returning to theatres – but got dropped by Disney Plus

Written by Techjuice Team ·  1 min read >

The movie Avatar: The Way of Water is scheduled to be released in December, but it has a major flaw: it is a sequel to a movie that was released thirteen years ago. This is a considerable disadvantage. When the second installment of the Avatar franchise is released in theatres, there may be a lot of misunderstanding if people start talking about unobtanium, Toruks, RDA, or the Noble Clyde Boudreaux.

Despite this, James Cameron and the rest of the crew have come up with a solution, which is to re-release the first Avatar movie in theatres. A trailer for the film from 2009 was posted on Tuesday, and it states that beginning on September 23rd, it will be screened in theatres for two weeks in “all codecs,” meaning that it will be played in IMAX, 4K / HDR, and of course, 3D.

This climactic stage is a big challenge. Even if some people might watch it at home in order to get caught up before going to watch the new one in theatres, almost nobody will have the glasses necessary to watch it in the manner in which it was intended to be watched, which is with a pair of 3D glasses strapped to their faces. As a result of Disney’s decision to remove Avatar from the Disney Plus streaming service, it is now much more difficult to view the show in the comfort of one’s own home. Despite the fact that Disney did not immediately answer to The Verge’s request for a statement on when it will once again be accessible, Variety says that sources believe that it will return before the release date of The Manner of Water. The film may still be rented on a variety of platforms, including Apple TV and YouTube, among others.


You will be able to relive the experience as if it were 2009 all over again if Disney’s attempt to bring you into a theatre to rewatch Avatar is successful, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting any of the terminology or world-building that was presented in the film.

We remember seeing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight on The Dark Knight Rises opening night, and a few theatres have done similar things for the release of Marvel movies in the past. The practice of bringing previous installments of a franchise back to theatres to build anticipation for the next installment is not a new one. Even James Cameron is no stranger to the theatrical rerelease; Titanic has been back in theatres before, and it is scheduled to do so once more the following year — although this time it will not be as a consequence of a sequel at all. But, seeing the prequels is a luxury for many films; however, considering how challenging Avatar was and how much time has passed since it was published, it almost feels like reading the book is required this time around.