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Best Apple Watch Bands We Recommend

Written by Techjuice Team ·  2 min read >
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a handy piece of technology that can be used as an everyday wear, much like other wearables. Considering that, the band has an obvious significant role. If your Apple Watch band is uncomfortable, doesn’t last long or doesn’t match your particular style, it may be a persistent annoyance. And of course, wearing something you like and like looking at repeatedly throughout the day makes it wearing more enjoyable.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of Apple Watch bands available, so you may select both, your needs and sense of style.

A watch band is a terrific way to showcase some of your individual flair, from classic styles to vibrant colors and patterns. Compatibility is the main factor to take into account while choosing an Apple Watch band. Make sure the bands you’re considering will fit the components on your watch by knowing the model and screen size of your watch. Because you’ll be wearing it on your skin all day, you should also think about the material’s quality and comfort. Consider durability as well; although there are many really cheap bands available, many of them won’t last. And of course, put a special thought on how it would look on your wrist.

With assistance from watch professionals and our team, we browsed through various Apple Watch bands and put them to the test. However, you should keep in mind there is no one watch band which works well for everyone as it is a purely a matter of personal taste. But if you like a different look than what Apple provides, we’ve identified options in a variety of looks and price points that ought to please most preferences.

Arrow & Board Porter Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch

A high-quality leather band doesn’t have to cost $100 or more that Apple charges for its leather bands, as the Arrow & Board Porter shows. The Porter’s materials and design are in line with its price perfectly. The leather of the band is thick and durable while still being soft and supple.

This band has a little more formal appearance thanks to its buckle, which is considerably slim and more sophisticated and has smaller loops for capturing the tail of the strap when you close it.

Wristpop Mustang Band

The Mustang, which is black with a white racing stripe in the middle, is our favourite due to its fashionable design that gives a strong touch to any outfit without being overpowering or loud.

The Wristpop band is surprisingly pleasant to wear in a range of settings, which is one of the reasons we adore it. The band has a striking appearance and is versatile, which makes a terrific statement piece for everyday wear but is also stylish enough to take out on a date or to a party.

Casetify Saffiano Leather Band

Apple Watch

Genuine Saffiano leather has a cross-hatched surface that is wax-coated, like the texture of some purses or wallets. Although it doesn’t feel as tough, this treatment enhances water and scratch resistance, which will make the band more weather-resistant than standard leather.

Additionally, imitation of this finish by non-leather bands is simpler. Casetify’s bands are primarily made of vegan leather (polyurethane). The band is not covered by a long-term warranty, but Casetify promises to replace it if it is defective when it is delivered to you.