Binance has now reopened registrations for new accounts

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Binance, which is one of the most trusted and widely used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world has now again opened registration portal for new users after a temporary closure reported last week. Binance which earlier claimed to be receiving 250,000 users per day, all around the globe, temporarily closed the registration of new accounts in its platform, after facing maintenance problems. As of now, the exchange has reopened “limited number of new registrations” allowed every day.

According to a thread on Reddit, posted three hours ago, new users are able to make accounts on the platform but a limited number of users will be allowed to do so, within a day. According to a statement on the Binance support page,

“We are pleased to announce that Binance will re-open limited user registrations starting today. To ensure performance for our existing users, only a limited number of new registrations will be allowed each day. Registration open times will vary from day to day, without prior announcement.”

The statement further affirms that the Binance Referral Program commission rebate will also be adjusted to 20%.

Binance also guides its users that selling of accounts is strictly prohibited in the platform. All those accounts identified as being bought or sold will be frozen and disabled.

As Binance is open for registrations here are our guides to buy various cryptocurrencies.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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