Build a next-gen office with NXT – NETSOL’s flagship product for COVID-19 in collaboration with WRLD

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COVID-19 has hit businesses hard with people being forced to work from their homes but that is not always the most efficient solution and there has to be a physical presence at times for large corporations like NETSOL. That is why NETSOL partnered with WRLD, a 3D cloud-based platform of real-world environments for creating digital twins, to bring you ‘NXT’, a product that transforms your office into a next-gen workplace allowing you to bring employees back safely, manage employees working from home, foster community, and transform your organization.

NXT allows employers to bring their staff back to the office while ensuring the enforcement of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It offers a hybrid integration system for seamless communication between employees working from home and the ones in the office. It uses a mix of IoT technologies and 3D mapping to bring everyone together while ensuring the SOPs are followed using contact tracing, social distancing, and feedback forms.

NETSOL has implemented the product in its own offices to guarantee the effectiveness of the product. NETSOL’s Global Human Capital Management Officer, Faisal Bhatti, says, “NXT has enabled our company to establish and enforce robust standard operating procedures (SOPs) to bring employees back to work in an efficient and socially distant manner, while simultaneously keeping in contact with employees’ productivity on and off-campus.
NXT provides an array of features some of which are listed below:

  • A Workspace / Work-From-Home Hybrid solution
  • Productivity Management: Github, JIRA Integration
  • IoT Integration (Occupancy, Footfall Monitoring, Temperature, Air Quality)
  • Building Management
  • Socially Distant Hot Desking
  • Workplace and Virtual Check In
  • Employee Feedback
  • Virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) telepresence capabilities
  • Turn-by-turn mapping for navigation and interior wayfinding.

Head of Software Development at WRLD, Iain Bethune, said, “Our initial implementations at NETSOL’s headquarters and at a leading financial and media company headquartered in New York have allowed us to prove out our technology as well as establish market readiness for our state-of-the-art platform, NXT.”

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