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Can’t decide who to unfollow? Instagram might be able to help

Avatar Written by Taha Abdullah · 54 sec read>

Many of us find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through the endless stream that is the Instagram feed, on a daily basis. There is just post after post after irrelevant post. Most of the time, we don’t even care about the posts that end up cluttering our feeds and taking up so much of our precious time. The usual cause of this black hole of productivity is following too many accounts, and not knowing how to get rid of the ones that don’t matter. Usually, we’re too lazy to scroll through out huge ‘following’ list and weed out the time-wasters. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, because Instagram is testing out a solution.

According to a report by Jane Manchun Wong, a software engineer who reverse engineers apps to find security gaps and hidden features, Instagram is testing a way to group together the people we follow, or even the people who follow us, according to who we interact with the most. This has the benefit of letting us know who to unfollow, therefore cutting down on how much we use the app. It could also give accounts an idea of how to improve their user interaction.

Obviously, this feature is still in the testing phase, so there’s no way to know if, or when, this feature will make it onto your smartphone. However, this, along with other features such as tracking the time users spend on the app shows that Instagram has started to give more importance to its users well-being.