Instagram Reels update increases video length and easy editing options

Shaheryar Ehsan • 13 hours ago

Instagram to develop tools that let brands manage their DMs with users

Hamza Zakir • September 21, 2020

Facebook in hot water after being accused of spying Instagram users through their cameras

Shaheryar Ehsan • September 18, 2020

Your Instagram stories will automatically be shared to your Facebook news feed soon

Shaheryar Ehsan • September 8, 2020

Data of over 200 million Social Media Profiles got exposed in a massive Data Leak

Naima Rabbie • August 21, 2020

Instagram unexpectedly using camera as iOS 14 indicator light stays on

Hamnah Khalid • July 28, 2020

A personal Fundraiser feature is being tested by Instagram

Naima Rabbie • July 22, 2020

Instagram’s ‘Pinned Comments’ feature is available to everyone with the new update

Naima Rabbie • July 9, 2020

Unilever will stop advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the rest of 2020

Taha Abdullah • June 27, 2020

Instagram Launches New Tools to Support Small/Local Businesses

Press Release • April 28, 2020

Instagram made over $20 billion in ad revenue over the last year, $5 billion more than YouTube

Taha Abdullah • February 7, 2020

Pop up emoji-reaction would soon be available for Instagram

Naima Rabbie • February 4, 2020

Instagram’s next plan is to remove IGTV button from the app

Naima Rabbie • January 20, 2020

US Government is pressurizing Apple Inc. for unlocking air base shooter’s phone

Naima Rabbie • January 15, 2020