Instagram Might Introduce Longer Reels to Compete With TikTok

Famous leaker ‘Alessandro Paluzzi’ shared screenshots showing how Instagram might soon allow creators to make reels up to 10...

Aug 30 · >

Selected iPhone Users to Get Around $65 From Apple Over ‘Batterygate’ Scandal

According to details, all iPhone users who filed claims related to the slowdown of older iPhones before October 2020...

Aug 16 · >

Instagram Threads Has Lost Nearly 80% of Its Users

Gaining over 2.3 million daily active users upon a massive launch in July, Threads has noticed a 79% decline...

Aug 16 · >

Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes The First Person To Hit 600M Followers On Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the most famous person on Instagram. He has achieved a milestone that no human has...

Aug 15 · >

Mark Zuckerberg Warns Facebook Users ‘Not To Screenshot Chats’

Mark Zuckerberg, a tech billionaire and CEO of Meta, warns Facebook users not to take screenshots of their chats....

Aug 8 · >

New Instagram Feature Will Stop Strangers From Sending You More Than One Message

Confined to sending a single text, strangers will only be able to have a conversation after you accept their...

Aug 8 · >

Cage Fight With Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Will be Livestreamed on ‘X’: Elon Musk

All financial proceeds from livestreaming the fight on ‘X’ will directly go towards a charity for veterans X Corp...

Aug 7 · >

Instagram Might Soon Start Labeling Posts Generated By AI

Labeling AI generated content on Instagram, the feature will put an end to all fake and misinforming content created...

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Aug 2 · >

Facebook is Now Used By More than 40% of the World’s Population

Experiencing a small daily active user decline in 2021, Facebook kicked back and has now reached more than 3...

Jul 28 · >

Threads Surpasses 100 Million Users Within Five Days Faster Than ChatGPT

On July 5, the Meta-owned company launched its Micro-blogging app Threads. As soon as it hit the market, it...

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Jul 11 · >

‘Twitter Vs Threads’:Elon Musk Strikes Below The Belt, As Twitter-Threads Competition Grows

The launch of the new Meta-owned app Threads has reached millions of users in just a few hours. The...

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Jul 11 · >

Avoid Deleting Your ‘Threads’ Profile If You Love Your Instagram Account

Threads, a Meta-owned messaging platform is getting million of signups since it was launched last week. Threads, a rival...

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