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Careem launched a new marketing campaign and here is how people reacted on social media

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Careem, the ride-hailing service popular in Pakistan and the Middle East, is famous for its marketing campaigns which highlight social aspects of Pakistan in a humorous manner. However, a recent billboard campaign that Careem launched for its Bike service is receiving a rather polarizing response on social media. People either seem to love it or hate it.

Careem’s latest billboard campaign for its Bike service includes captions like “Apni Shadi se Bhagna ho to Careem Bike karao”, “Paros k Mulk sy ABHI bhagna ho tou Careem Bike karo” and few other. These billboards can be sighted on various places in Lahore and people are posting these pictures along with their remarks on social media.

On a lighter note, some people have taken this campaign as another attempt of Careem to focus on the funny side of a few emergency situations to promote its service. Some people believe that Careem is standing against women oppression.

Some users believe that the naysayers of these ads should get a life.

Some Twitter users stressed on why people are criticizing the free will of women.

On the other, some people are expressing extreme anger on social media.

Some users have also claimed that they have uninstalled the Careem app and asking others to do so as well.

Even Veena Malik is delivering speeches on norms and culture.

Ansar Abbasi, a renowned journalist, demanded that Careem’s license should be canceled.

Whereas, some people pulled out Fatwas and claimed that “Islam forbids the woman to sit with an unknown man on a bike”.

Careem has denied claims that their CEO was called by Interior Ministry to explain the Careem Bike campaign. The Careem representative mentioned that the circulating pictures are of a meeting held months ago.

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Written by Sajeel Syed
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