Chief Minister KP Approves Of Rs.500 Million Project for the Promotion of Modern Tech in Policing and Other Sectors.

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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan held a meeting yesterday in which he briefed the relevant authorities that the government has principally approved the project for the inclusion of Drone Technology in Policing sector to encourage modern policing and to serve the law enforcement by using other latest technologies. Mahmood Khan claimed that IT-based reforms are essential in every sector to ensure efficient services delivery.

The Chief Minister allotted 15 days to the concerned authorities to work out the necessary modalities. He briefed the meeting that initially the project will be implemented in the Police and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) which can be further implemented in Mining and Agriculture sectors in the future.

While referring to the meeting Mahmood Khan pointed out the importance of the introduction of Drone Technology in the Police, PDMA, Mining, and Agriculture sectors. He shared his vision that he wants to make Khyber Paktonkhwao the pioneer of using modern tech in all sectors of daily usage and would inspire other provinces to follow along.

Implementation in the Divisional Headquarters would be the initial steps of the introduction of drone technology which is expected to help in attaining better vantage points during operations, easy & safe monitoring of crime scenes, observance of active threats, delivery of weapons, operational surveillance, traffic control and handling of Mob and Processions surveillance. The members of the meeting seemed to agree with Mahmood Khan and showed their trust in the project.


Mahmood Khan said that apart from its use in policing, the project will also help in other sectors of crisis and peace including Fire/Flood surveillance, rescue operations, Public announcements, and delivery of rescue items. According to details, the project is expected to cost Rs 500 Million which will be paid by the provincial government themselves without getting resources from the federal government. This cost includes the development of skill training & drones squad, the establishment of repair and modification workshop, purchase of drones for operational use, traffic control, Mob surveillance, weaponized drones, thermal/Night vision/ infrared drones, lightweight transportation drones, and drones for announcements.

The government will set up various tech-teaching institutes all over the province to get expert operation workers for the equipment. Mahmood Khan is urging the authorities to prepare a legal framework for successful implementation of the project, identification of areas for implementation of the technology, and preparation of PC-1 for the project to be completed within the specified timelines adding that the use of drone technology has become indispensable keeping in view the growing population, urbanization, and access to hilly terrains in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (Tevta) Managing Director Prof Engr Abdul Ghaffar Khan also came forward with a statement yesterday and said that the provincial government was taking steps despite limited resources for the promotion of technical education to equip the youth with technical skills in line with market’s demand.

Abdul expressed these views during his visit to the Government Polytechnic Institute for Women. He said that technical educational institutes of the province would be brought at par with the needs of the modern era so that the youth should not face any hardship in finding employment. Millions of male and female students benefit from technical education, every year, in various technologies and earn respectable jobs or could start their own businesses. If the provincial government would be provided with optimum resources to encourage technology in the region, Kyber Pakhtonkhowa can become the most advanced province of Pakistan.

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