Citrus exports can substantially add to Pakistan’s foreign exchange revenue

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Pakistan continues to be one of the top citrus growing countries in the world. Citrus contributes about 30% to the nation’s total fruit yield. In the previous year, Pakistan earned its highest export revenue from Orange or kinnow, of $222 million, adding up to 370,000 tons, as indicated by a report on the Pakistani citrus industry by the China-Pakistan Agricultural and Industrial Cooperation Information Platform (CPAIC).

The CPAIC report suggests that cultivators should receive training to make them abreast of fundamental cultivation knowledge as planting time, planting techniques, compost proportion, harvesting methods, etc. The government should also assist them financially so that they can purchase necessary equipment. The report also highlights the need to equip dedicated exporters with a modern transportation framework.

With proper training and data access channels, cultivators can improve the quality of their product through different techniques, leading towards the development and extension of the citrus industry in Pakistan. There is an enormous potential for the country to establish improved domestic and international supply chains for the citrus industry with developed infrastructure and transportation systems. A few simple policy changes can enable Pakistan to tap into the massive potential of “kinnow” exports.

Source: Daily Times

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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