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Coke Studio used technology and created music for the deaf

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Ahead of the launch of Coke Studio’s Season 9, Coca-Cola has partnered with Deaf Reach Schools and Training Center to make history and has created music for the deaf or the people with some kind of hearing impairment. Advanced technologies are being employed to create an environment for the deaf community allowing them to feel what it actually is like to hear music.

The initiative titled as “Coke Studio for the Deaf”, was launched by Coke Studio just recently. In a bid to provide music to ‘everyone’, Coca-Cola created Coke Studio for the 9 million people in Pakistan bearing a full or partial hearing loss.

A proper set-up has been crafted and engineered to provide music experience as it is synced with the sound of music being played. The lights and the vibrations created by the couch provide physical and visual effects to the one seated. Proper psychological effects are being created as the person feels audio-synced mood changes rendered by a truly rhythmic experience. Visual experience amplified by a large screen make the experience a lot more realistic.

The set-up was invented in China, from where it was taken to Bangkok, Thailand. A group of eight students and a faculty of the Deaf Reach School were taken to Bangkok for its testing. The set-up will soon reach Pakistan.

Richard Geary, the Director of the Deaf Reach Program in Pakistan, deemed it as an important milestone saying,

“Our collaboration with Coke Studio reflects our approach towards opening new experiences for the Deaf Community and creating enabling opportunities for their inclusion and success.”

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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