Corona patients can now easily find list of nearby Plasma donors through a website in Pakistan

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 51 sec read>

Over 1 lac people are suffering from coronavirus these days in Pakistan. With an extremely high rise in numbers of patients, the health care system of Pakistan is now in a state of panic. People belonging to every age group are contracting the virus at a high rate. The patient capacity in the wards has been full and most of the hospitals cannot afford any more patients in the system.

Seeing the shooting rate of COVID-19 infected patients in Pakistan the veteran actor of Pakistan Faysal Qureshi has developed a website along with his team that let the family members of the patents find the plasma of the COVID-19 recovered people. Plasma therapy can help to eliminate the virus and eases the ailment of the person.

All of those people who have survived form this dangerous infection, can register for free on the website and donate the blood plasma to the patients that have a similar blood group. According to Faysal, the initiative took place because the demand for plasma is increasing in the country. Via the website, people will maintain social distancing and find the donor from the comfort of their house.

Faysal Qureshi tweeted: “Due to massive increase of COVID-19 patients in Pakistan. We have launched a website where the families of the patients can easily find the donors for plasma therapy. Kindly spread the word so that more donors may be available, to save more lives! JazakAllah”