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Critical A.I based project that could have helped diagnose COVID-19 & prevent deaths, shelved by PM Imran

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The creation of a Knowledge economy was an integral component of the Naya Pakistan dream sold by Imran Khan. For that, a task force was constituted co-chaired by the premier himself and Dr. Atta ur Rehman. However, 2 years down the road, the task show has little to show in progress and has largely remained confined to papers.

According to a baffling revelation, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health – one of the 35 projects green-lit but shelved, would have enabled hospitals to use the AI solutions to diagnose coronavirus patients.

In what amounts to a missed opportunity, the development of the said project would have greatly aided efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan and reduced the number of deaths and infections.

Sources reveal that the government pledged billions of rupees for the various projects but no actual funds were released over the course of the last 18 months. With no actual work, the knowledge economy vision remains a pipe dream.

Source: Express Tribune

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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