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Which Crowdfunding Website Will Work For You?

Nuzhat Sheikh Written by Nuzhat Sheikh · 3 min read>

Ideas hatch in your mind anytime, anyplace – when you’re taking shower in a bathroom or while staring at an empty glass – and your ideas can also disintegrate suddenly when reality knocks and alerts you to the insufficient capital problem. We are telling you not to give up so easily: there are resources such as crowdfunding sites where you can gather capital. These sites have mobilized into a giant network of pooling and raising money to kick start business ideas. Here are some of the best resources available!

Equity Crowdfunding

There are an increasing number of equity investment sites where funding is not actually donation-based. Accredited investment is usually processed in small or large amounts by backers. This means they have a little share in your business. It provides an opportunity in disguise through which one can grow startup into large firm. Entrepreneurs can do that easily by interacting and growing contacts with real life business dealers on these sites. If you’ve got plans for big corporations or company, you should consider the following sites:

Link: CircleUp

With a focus on high-growth consumer products and retail services, this is a niche equity investment platform where your backers might be partners of big companies and industries. They can access you in real time and invest in you. One good attribute here is that you’ll not have to pay for starting your campaign, which means you pay your fees only when your goal is achieved. With that much feasibility you can take a chance on here.

Link: MicroVentures

This might prove to be a boon if you’re in pursuit of startup. As they heavily focus on early stage startups and pool money from angel investors or venture capital to invest in deserving ones. To put it another way, this is one of ‘investment bank for startups’. Try your luck.

Link: Grow Venture Community

If you’re looking to make your idea or project more visible to audience or crowd, Grow VC does just the thing by enabling entrepreneurs to connect with experts, funders, partners and new customers and nurturing your startup. They have transparent ecosystem and renowned as one of first global community based platform dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors.

Link: Crowdfunder

 Another site that focuses on building strong connections between startups small enterprises and other for-profit firms. The company is expanding its activities outside US, similar to rival Angel List. However, instead of taking a small percentage of your funds Crowdfunder charges a flat fee based on how much you’ve raised. Still, the site is said to be popular with many entrepreneurs and investors.

Reward – Pledges

Such sites are mostly donation-based and on high demand for creative endeavors such as arts and design, film, album and music promotions. They can’t be as good for your serious business plans but they do fuel some minor products delivery campaigns. On sites like these, you create a small reward with a certain price point and if the backers pledge the price and claim the reward they will get it if you reach funding goal.

We know that Kickstarter is probably the hottest crowd funding site on the internet so let’s skip it and take a quicker look at other favorites.

Link: Indiegogo

Lets you ‘ independently go’ with your project; the funding is for almost anything, be it your personal need, financial help, health, education or hobbies. The website is professional looking and unlike Kickstarter they provide a vast support for promoting projects. Also, they have a special feature called ‘Flexible funding’ for projects that don’t reach the goal which allows you to receive whatever amount you have been funded. But for that they charge you 9% and compared to other sites this is very high. However, if you succeed, the fee you have to pay will be 3% which is lesser than any other site. So, it all depends on your big idea and campaign.

Link: Rockethub

Which was initially launched to cater arts has now expanded by including science, education and other social good projects. However, creativity is still on high demand here and is definitely a popular station to fuel your project. Their fee structure goes like this: if you succeed in reaching your goal, you pay 4%, if not then 8%, but they are very simple, secure and easy to navigate.

Link: Crowdtilt

Is one great way for a group of people to raise money for their group fundraising efforts as they rely on the group that want to create campaign. Their fee is around 5% for hosting your project on their site. If you and your friends are looking to raise funds for your upcoming project, this is a site to consider.

Creative’s Crowdfunding

After all the business stories, there are some niche sites that caters individuals’ personal interests. Like

Link: Appbackr

For anything nowadays, there’s an app. If you’re looking for funds for your app, there’s a site for that, too. To some people the concept might sound a bit complicated but you can learn more here.

From their business strategy we can tell you that they don’t charge you a fee but take certain amount from your funds. That amount depends on how much your app costs. It’s not as perplexing as it seems, but there is possibility of growing future app development projects here. Try if you’re among app developers.

Link: Pubslush

Is one site that caters to aspiring authors and if you’ve been disappointed by Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites, here’s your big chance, get connected with a mother – daughter founder’s team and seek support.

Link: GoFundMe

What makes this site a standout is its availability for each and all. Campaigns are not bounded to any particular cause or project and the site is truly dedicated for donations.  You can get money to treat your pet dog or even for your own medications or recreational stuff like trips and travel.

That’s all for now but many crowdsourcing platforms are popping up each day. Next time you get an idea, do check our list of crowdfunding websites and help yourself by finding source to raise money for your dream. Good Luck and Dream big!

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