Crypto NFT trader made $80,000 by investing $1000 in one day

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Crypto - NFT

Most people have this stigma in mind about trading that you have to hold the assets and shares for months and years if you want to make earnings on it. But this person proved them all wrong when he made 8000% profit in a trade which he held only for 24 hours. He also shared the tip on his Twitter account but apparently, no one believed him, and only he was able to make money from that trade.

There are many cryptos and NFT live money investing tools like Unusual Whales, Options, and DATACoin, that tell you how much money is being poured into the singular coins and NFTs on the exact day.

He noticed that $500,000 was invested into Coinbase, which is a crypto and NFT wallet and trading app on 3 August. He knew that this person who made a huge investment would be planning to merge Coinbase with some huge corporation and its price would skyrocket. When that person poured $500,000 the price of Coinbase stock was around $70.

The very next day, as the anonymous‘ Twitter’ guy predicted, Coinbase announced his partnership with BlackRock. BlackRock is a global investment directory that also works as a predicting tool for buying and selling shares. Anyway, due to this merger, that $500,000 returned the investor 10,000% of that investment and this Twitter guy also made around $80k from his $1000 investment in less than 24 hours. And this is just one example out of hundreds of more in which people made thousands of percent earnings on their investments in a few days.

The trends of trading and investing are changing, now you don’t have to hold on to something in the hope for it to return you something someday. Predicting the variation of the market for a longer period of time, like a couple of years, is very difficult and rarely benefits. For example, if you had invested in Amazon or Meta exactly one year ago, right now you would have lost about 20-30% of your investment. But you can use techniques like these to predict the market and make huge profits in a short amount of time.

Other tools that you can use besides Unusual Whales are MarketWatch and Coinmarketcap. By using all these tools, you can predict upcoming events in the markets. You only need to predict one outrageous amendment and your life can be changed forever.