What Is Cryptocurrency and how to invest in Bitcoin in Pakistan: Learn with this step-by-step guide

Ever since Bitcoin’s recent boom began with Elon Musk’s erratic tweet and Waqar Zaka’s advocacy for it, the interest...

JPMorgan on the verge of offering its first bitcoin fund

JPMorgan is undergoing the process of offering an actively managed bitcoin fund to its private wealth clients for the...

Apr 27 ·>

Who let the doge out? Musk, Musk! Once a meme, “Dogecoin” is now worth more than Ford Motor Co.

Dogecoin’s rise from a trending meme into a widely traded asset worth over $50 billion, more than Marriott International Inc. or Ford Motor...

Apr 20 ·>

KPK launches Pakistan’s first ever crypto advisory committee, Waqar Zaka claims credit

The science and technology advisor to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ziaullah Bangash, has announced that the inaugurating meeting of...

Mar 16 ·>

JPG file gets sold for a record $69 Million, as the era of NFT’s begins

After more than 180 bids, a JPG file made by Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist known as Beeple, was...

Mar 11 ·>

Bitcoin suffers its biggest single-day plunge in history

A mere 48 hours ago, Bitcoin’s global market capitalization stood at an imposing figure of $1.76 trillion. Ever since...

Feb 23 ·>

Fact checking Waqar Zaka’s claim that Pakistan missed its chance to pay off its debt with Bitcoins

In the wake of the cryptocurrency boom, Waqar Zaka emerged as a cryptocurrency advocate and began using his social...

Feb 23 ·>

Cryptocurrency legalized in Pakistan by the KP assembly

According to a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Dr. Sumera Shams, the KP assembly...

Dec 3 ·>

Crypto to be legalized in Pakistan if the government fails to reply to Waqar Zaka’s petition

Waqar Zaka has been in the news recently for advocating the need for Pakistan’s government to legalize the use...

Nov 20 ·>

Bitcoin hits $17k for the first time in three years

Bitcoin has been on a roll this year. The world’s best-known cryptocurrency just hit $17,000 (approx. PKR 2,700,000), a...

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Nov 18 ·>

Crypto thieves pull off Ethereum heist worth $49 million

Upbit, a South Korean crypto exchange, has confirmed that 342,000 Ethereum coins have been stolen from its crypto wallet...

Nov 29 ·>

Most countries trying to ban Bitcoin cause their citizens want cryptocurrency more: CEO Binance

The whole idea of the crackdown against cryptocurrency has just got scrapped. As the CEO of the top crypto...

Jul 23 ·>