Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Through Web3 In 2023

Web3 technology is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web, incorporating concepts such as decentralization,...

Apr 18 · >

Microsoft Edge to Get a Crypto Wallet Feature Soon

The unreleased crypto wallet feature is said to have a password alongside a recovery method incase a user loses...

Mar 20 · >

Meta to Cut Off Support for NFTs as Crypto Market Spirals

Rolling it out just last year, Meta will no longer support digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on all...

Mar 14 · >

The World’s First Physical NFT Shop Opens Up in Dubai

Located inside the Mall of Dubai, the NFT store displays and sells a diverse collection of art pieces If...

Dec 30 · >

China Will Soon Launch a State Backed NFT Marketplace

Called as the ‘China Digital Asset Trading Platform’, the NFT market place is set to launch on the 1st...

Dec 30 · >

Porsche Just Launched Its First NFT Collection On Web3.0

In July 2021, Coca-Cola, a giant soft drink company minted and sold NFT’s to raise money for Special Olympics ...

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Nov 30 · >

Logan Paul NFT Goes Up By 10390% After His Social Media Post

Logan Paul and his 0N1 Power NFT experienced growth of 10,390% after Logan Paul’s $600,000 misfortune was posted on...

Oct 12 · >

Crypto NFT trader made $80,000 by investing $1000 in one day

Most people have this stigma in mind about trading that you have to hold the assets and shares for...

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Aug 12 · >

Crypto Supporters think NFT Cars are worth more than Real Ones

Assume you need to spend millions of dollars. If you like cars, you’ll probably buy the newest Ferrari, or...

Aug 11 · >

World’s first NFT powered audio streaming platform set to launch

A new Web 3 streaming platform, Nomad Media Club, is set to launch later this month and will become...

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Apr 29 · >

“Friendship ended with Mudasir” meme auctioned off for Rs86 lakh

As a Pakistani netizen, this is probably the earliest meme you can recall. You might even remember laughing at...

Aug 2 · >

Shoaib Akhtar Enters The Cryptocurrency World With His Own NFT

After Wasim Akram, cricket legend Shoaib Akthar has stepped into the crypto world and has announced that he will...

Jun 23 · >