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DeliveriT gets hacked week after launch

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 1 min read>
Pakistani Hackers Hacked Indian Website

DeliveriT certainly has had quite an eventful day. After the startup had a week-long launch, their website was hacked today by a hacker group located in Bangladesh. The hacker responsible is n4h1d and belongs to a group named Cyber-71. The hacker group revealed their intention for hacking the online delivery startup as protecting their country, Bangladesh. However, we have failed to understand what sort of threat DeliveriT poses to Bangladesh?

The hacked page contains a YouTube video titled, “official trailer of Cyber71” which may be a way for the hacker group to introduce themselves in the hacking world. You can see the screenshots of the hack below:

Cycber71 Hacker

Cycber71 Hacker 2

Cycber71 Hacker 1

DeliveriT was launched in Karachi from Nest I/O last week aiming to fill the delivery gap in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. The startup promises of delivering food, parcels, online shopping goods and much more on the same day of the order. The service is currently exclusive to Karachi with expansion plans for Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad in the pipeline. As you can see, DeliveriT has tapped into a whole new market.

What is most surprising is how DeliveriT became vulnerable to this attack within a week their website launch. The website security should be of utmost importance to them if they are to cater to a large audience in Pakistan handling sensitive user data including personal information.

Startups should learn to take their digital security very seriously especially if they are in the service industry which involves dealing with sensitive user information. Every web startup should invest in better security options to protect the end-users and themselves from hacking and other security vulnerabilities. Hackers can easily steal information such as credit card data, users mobile phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses etc. for malicious purposes if an e-commerce website is not properly secured.

Will you feel safe to shop from DeliveriT after this hacking incident? Let us know in the comment section below.