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Digital Interactive Platform by Bayers to increase the productivity of the farmers

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>
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The Crop Sciences department of Pakistan known as Bayer have arranged a Digital Farming Learning Center. The company is going to upload online streams on its social media from Manga Mandi Lahore. The aim behind these online sessions is to showcase the latest technologies in agriculture, teach the farmers best farming practices, and demonstrate the latest crop protection products in the market.

Agriculture is one of the critical sectors f Pakistan even in the times of Global COVID 19 Pandemic. The agriculture sector should keep on operating, as usual, to ensure national security in terms of food. Bayers is accumulating technology and taking further steps in digital media just so that it can continue serving the Farmer Association of Punjab

The Country Commercial Lead of the Crop Sciences division in Bayers, Maria Saleem said that the company should gaze beyond the classical marketing strategies during the COVID 19 crisis. She explained: “While face-to-face interaction and farmer gatherings have proven to be effective in the past, we must adapt to the limitations and restrictions posed by the pandemic.”

According to her the crop science division of Bayers is working endlessly towards the unhindered farming activities and utilizing the digital media platform for interaction with the farmers.

The Digital Learning Center is just one of the examples of how Bayers has been fighting against the challenges linked with the global health crisis and to stay connected to the farmers. The online streaming reached over 80,000 users along with 33,000 participants of the live stream.

One of the live stream viewers said:” It is encouraging to see that companies are finding novel methods to interact with farmers and continue providing us with opportunities to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and farming practices.”