Earn Bitcoins for buying juice in this country

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February 19, 2018
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Earning Bitcoin has become easy now, shame all those crypto-miners have to work hard in the past.

As you already know, people have to trade or mine to get their hands-on their favorite crypto. Stealing — crypto-jacking is another option, but this is out of the question right now. Here we are concerned about a new way of earning Bitcoins and the way is devised by an Austrailian company Boost Juice, which is popular for its juices and smoothies. The company has announced in a Facebook post that it will be giving away four bitcoins, once a week, for consecutive four weeks to those who buy some juice and enter a code in the iOS or Android app of Boost.

Yes, you heard me loud and clear an actual Bitcoin — fully loaded, which at the time of writing is blooming ever with a price reaching a high of $10,800 approx (as of writing). Though the crypto itself has recently recovered its price reaching a high of $10,000 after an earlier drop off to $6500. All you need to do is buy a Boost juice and enter a code in the company’s iOS or Android app. The company has detailed the process of getting a Bitcoin via participating in the contest, as you can see in the video below;

Boost Juice is popular in Australia aiming to go global. Almost all shopping malls in Austrailia have at least three Boost Juice bars. The new offer, as well as the juices of the company, are quite delicious. As the company states on its official website,

“Feeling lucky? Your guessing skills strong? Have a shot at guesstimating the Bitcoin value each day for your chance to win a whole Bitcoin! Simply head to the store, grab any sized Boost, grab your code and download the NEW Boost App to play to win!”

The company has partnered with Coinjar, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Bitcoin has some major design flaw, including its vulnerability to being used in crimes, energy consumption in mining and hack attacks. The blockchain is the purest system of the transaction but there are other alternatives like China’s Alipay or India’s unified payment interface which are backed by the governments and are reliable. With more comanies showing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, like gaming company Atari which cited a rise in share price by 60% after its recent announcement, Boost Juice, might also looking forward to get something out of it by gambling with a sweet deal.

Image: Boost Juice

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