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EasyTickets sold 10,000 tickets in past 12 months

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EasyTickets, an e-ticketing platform, celebrated the first anniversary of its operations by organizing a gathering featuring a musical event.

The event was attended by attended by over 300 high-profile guests. During the event, it was disclosed that EasyTickets has over 50,000 registered users and has sold over 10,000 tickets during the past year which also was, in fact, its first year of operations. Now, it integrates the largest number of screens in 15 cinemas across 12 different cities of Pakistan. The startup gained signups at a 41% monthly increase, that too without any paid promotions.

EasyTicketsEasyTickets, headed by Monis Rahman of Naseeb Networks, is an application which lets you easily and instantly buy tickets to movies and events from your smartphone. Downloading the application and signing up is all that is required. For buying of the tickets, EasyTickets has a unique mobile wallet solution, a reserve which can be topped up through various ways including services like CreditCard transfers, EasyPaisa, UBL Omni, JazzCash, and traditional bank transfers. After buying, the users just need to go to the designated Kiosk and scan the QR code which processes the booking electronically, with a minimum human intervention.

“I love watching movies in the cinema, and before EasyTickets, I would get lazy about buying movie tickets,” says Farrukh Hamid, an active user of the service. “EasyTickets has made my life easier. I’m more excited to watch upcoming movies with this simple and quick app.”


During past 12 months, the application saw a constant increase in the rate of subscribers. The highest number of user sign-ups were seen during May of this year, when over 3500 users signed up for EasyTickets services. The lowest number being 71, during the first month of this year. Last month, a total of 1542 users signed up for EasyTickets.


Likewise, the growth in number of tickets sold also appears inclining. The Compound Monthly Growth Rate in the number of tickets sold is about 42%. The highest number of tickets being sold in a month were 1439 during the past month. The lowest number of 30 was witnessed during the first month, September 2015.

The application can be downloaded from here.

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