Elon Musk has unveiled the SpaceX spacesuit and it looks incredibly stylish

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Elon Musk, also known as the real-life version of Iron Man/Tony Stark, has revealed to the world the first official photo of the SpaceX spacesuit.

Elon Musk is known to work on numerous projects simultaneously. Recently, his startup Open AI beat undefeated Dota2 champions. Tesla, his automobile design and manufacturing company, started rolling out the much-awaited Tesla Model 3 in July. And now his Aerospace company, SpaceX, has developed its first spacesuit.

The spacesuit is not just a mockup but is in proper working condition and has been tested in double vacuum pressure. The SpaceX chief did not delve into more details and only teased his followers with a quick glimpse.

Musk has repeatedly expressed his desire to launch people to and from the International Space Station(ISS). And this spacesuit is one step towards that. A while back, SpaceX and Boeing teamed up with NASA in a cost-saving partnership to facilitate travel to the ISS for its Commercial Crew Program and Boeing unveiled its spacesuit for the program earlier this year in January.

The SpaceX spacesuit itself looks very sleek and is probably the most stylish spacesuit ever made. Its headgear gives the impression it would be very light to wear and its design is a remarkable improvement on the ones NASA has been making over the years. SpaceX did, however, pay homage to NASA by using black and white fabric.

It should be noted here that this spacesuit won’t be used for spacewalks but will protect astronauts in case of loss of cabin pressure in-flight. And interestingly, this spacesuit looks a lot like the spacesuit that surfaced on Reddit about a year ago.

Astronauts that will board Elon Musk’s Dragon Capsule wearing spacesuits like this one. However, it will be a while before SpaceX received proper certification to transport people to and from the ISS.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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