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Emirates to Soon Launch the World’s First Robotic Airport Check In System

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  48 sec read >
Emirates Check In Robot-Sara
Named Sara, the check in robot will speak at least 6 languages and assist travelers from all over the world

Emirates airlines just announced that it will soon be launching the World’s first robotic check-in system at the Dubai Airport, this year. Named ‘Sara’, the Emirates check-in robot will speak at least 6 languages and assist travelers from all over the world.

According to an Emirates spokesperson, the check-in robot will be able to assist travelers in a lot of different ways. Now this includes things from passenger check-in to their hotel bookings etc.

Talking about their motivation to build ‘Sara’, the Emirates spokesperson said that the company realized that while the needs of travelers keep on growing, airports have remained the same. This is why Emirates has now stood up to serve customers with the help of efficient technology.

According to details, Emirates have built this check-in robot, in collaboration with its partners, who will produce around 200 of these robots and place them at all Dubai airports over the next year.

With such revolutionary technology coming out from an airline, other airlines would also jump the wagon and introduce more efficient systems as competition increases. This way, we can probably see a revolution in the ways we travel around the world.


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