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Engineering University to be established in Swat in the coming days

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided on establishing an engineering institute at Swat. The estimated cost for this project is around Rs.4 billion. The institute will produce highly potent and market-oriented graduates. The university will be designated as the Swat University of Engineering and Technology (SUET). The organization will act as a bridge thus connect industry, academia, and government in a triple helix.

Hamid Naveed the chief planning officer of the higher education department said in a press conference:” Unlike other universities in the province that solely depends on the government funds, the SUET will have its sustainability plan.”

Hamid Naveed had been appointed by the Prime Minister as the focal person on the SUET project. He also claimed that this university will be different in every aspect form the other universities especially from the administrative point of view. For resolving issues on a low level, a decentralized system will be implemented in SUET.

Another renowned figure in the SUET project is DR. Najeebullah who had completed his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in the subject of material sciences. He is also the founder of the US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies.

According to him, six disciplines will be established in the University including biomedical engineering, computer system engineering, mining and metallurgy, civil engineering, energy engineering, institute of materials, and institute of manufacturing.

Dr. Najeebullah further told that the institute of Manufacturing is going to act as a research center where the students will conduct the researcher on problems that the local industry is facing and coming up with potent solutions in a given time frame.

“We will try our best to introduce joint/dual degree programs with Nobel universities around the globe,” said Dr. Najeeb. The SUET committee is surely thinking ahead of its time as they have stated that for combating the joblessness, the students will be taught state-of-the-art entrepreneurial skills that would help them in growing their own business.

According to the official documentation submitted for the SUET, the university will consist of three major sections i.e. think tank, enterprise, and an academic wing.