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EU Sets December 2024 as the Deadline for Universal Phone Chargers

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European Union has clearly stated that all phone manufacturers need to switch to the common ‘USB-C’ cable before December 28 2024

EU lawmakers at the start of 2022 decided that all mobile phones in the European Union should contain a similar charging cable since it would promote reusability and reduce pollution.

The previous date set for the implementation of this rule was Autumn 2024, however the EU has now decided to extend the date and announced December 28 as the deadline for all phone manufacturers to switch towards the USB-C.

What makes this date official is the fact that it has been entered into the EU Law Journal.

With this law in effect companies that manufacture a special charger for their phone will be asked to discontinue their product throughout Europe.

A big example of this is the American tech giant Apple, which still manufacturers phones that have a unique charging port and can only be charged by using Apple’s lightning charger.

With Europe being an important market for the company, it has decided to manufacture iPhones and other devices with a USB-C port. Speaking to media channels, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing said that the company ‘will obviously’ comply with the EU law.

Both UK and EU officials have stated that this law will also apply to Northern Ireland. A parliamentary report regarding the matter states that the “new requirements may also apply to devices sold in Northern Ireland under the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol in the Brexit agreement, potentially triggering divergence of product standards with the rest of the UK.”


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