Facebook account hacker’s bail request rejected by High Court

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How Your Facebook Account can be hacked

On Monday, the Peshawar High Court dismissed the bail petition of a man arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency. Reason? The man was arrested on charges of hacking a married woman’s Facebook account and posting objectionable material on it. Justice Rooh ul Amin Khan ruled that the culprit did not deserve to be freed as his heinous act has, reportedly, led to the victim’s divorce.

This is probably not the first time such a repulsive act has disrupted the peaceful life of another person. In Pakistan, there exist numerous cases of identity theft, online harassment and blatant abuse of someone’s privacy. The FIA constantly probes into such mishaps, but many go unreported because the women affected by them are afraid to come out due to society’s pressure.

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Online harassment is very common and is, perhaps, the biggest pitfall of the Internet and social media. Not only women and young girls but boys are also a target of cyber bullying. Children who are introverts, don’t perform well in class or fight back to bullies often become a target online. Sick minded creeps often exploit people and it is very easy to do so considering the large amounts of personal information we happily share online. You never know, you may have a potential stalker in your friend’s circle.

Social media sites move very slowly to prevent such acts. Recently, when Facebook made profile pictures public, it was met with large amount of protests by people, especially those from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. While international users don’t really care about such matters, acts of sexual harassment online become a matter of honor for our people, specifically our women. This is something that needs to be kept in check and more swift actions must be taken against people who commit these crimes in order to eradicate this evil once and for all.

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