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Facebook introduces ‘quiet mode’ to help users take a break

Avatar Written by Taha Abdullah · 1 min read>

Facebook has just introduced a new feature on its mobile app called quiet mode to help users manage their screen time. The feature will make it easier to disconnect from the app and take a break from the time spent staring at a screen.

The feature allows users to set a schedule for when they want to switch off notifications from the app and when they want to receive the. When turned on, the new feature won’t send the user any incoming notifications and will also make it difficult to launch the app. If you try to open Facebook when quiet mode is enabled, the app will show you a reminder that the app is in quiet mode as well as how much time is left before quiet mode ends. However, you may choose to manually bypass the system for 15 minutes.

Facebook is also rolling out more detailed usage statistics along with the quiet mode release. Now, users will be able to see their usage over a period of two weeks along with breakdowns of time spent on the app daily with separate day and night tracking. This new suite of features is intended to act as a mental health resource for people who may be finding it difficult to spend so much time alone during the coronavirus crisis. The company will be adding these resources to its coronavirus information hub as well. Facebook is also donating $2 million to crisis helplines around the world.

Facebook is rolling out the new feature as of now, however it might take some time before it becomes available to everyone. The rollout is expected to reach all iOS users by may and all Android users will have access to the feature by June.