Factor Monsters gamifies the learning Of Mathematics

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Factor Monster

Factor Monsters is a fast paced and visually stimulating educational app for Android designed to help Kids grade five and above master factorization anytime, anywhere. Knowledge Platform who designed and developed the game is known to be Asia-Pacific’s leading next-generation learning solutions company. It specializes in educational games and community, learning management systems and instructional design. Factor Monsters is part of a series of educational apps designed and developed for high-impact, scalable and quality learning.

Factor Monsters is an engaging and fun way to learn factorization. The rules are simple; players need to slay ten creepy monsters by selecting six correct factor pairs before time runs out. With three lives, they need to gain as many points as possible in the process.

Each monster asks the player eight questions. The player is in a race against the clock to factorize six questions correctly in order to defeat the monster and move on to the next level. Each monster represents a different level. The creepier the monster, the harder the level! For every correct factor selected, the player will gain ten points and the monster will retreat slightly. For every incorrect factor selected, the player will lose two points and the monster will advance. Points are logged onto a leaderboard where players can compete with one another for first place.

Wadood Ahmed, Director of Games at Knowledge Platform, comments about the educational games,

“There is a huge gap in educational games above grade two. We’ve spent a lot of time creating in-classroom content and have seen how much of a difference game-based learning can make. We wanted to bring that same level of excitement and understanding we were seeing in classrooms to a wider audience.”

Factor Monsters is available for free worldwide on Google Play.

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