Haier Laptops

Haier signs contract for 200,000 laptops for PM Laptop Scheme

Sarwat Fatima • August 6, 2015

Generate real-time avatars from your 3D selfie without using Hollywood tech

Sarwat Fatima • August 6, 2015

First ever 3D-printed drug approved for epilepsy treatment

Sarwat Fatima • August 6, 2015

You can now be tracked with your device’s remaining battery power

Sarwat Fatima • August 5, 2015

This cute little game depicts the importance of self-driving cars

Sarwat Fatima • August 5, 2015

Largest plane in the world ready to take a flight

Sarwat Fatima • August 4, 2015

Pakistan secures US patent for electronic warfare

Sarwat Fatima • August 3, 2015

Pakistani researcher develops a facial recognition tool that recognises in complete darkness

Sarwat Fatima • July 30, 2015

Bangladeshi Hackers seem to have taken a liking for Pakistani Startups

Sarwat Fatima • July 28, 2015

This Pakistani startup is tapping into a forecasted $21 billion 3D printing industry

Sarwat Fatima • July 25, 2015

Business Intelligence vendor Yellowfin partners with first Pakistani Reseller AG Consultraining

Sarwat Fatima • July 24, 2015

28-year-old Grooveshark co-founder found dead at home

Sarwat Fatima • July 21, 2015

Foreign students no longer allowed to work in UK

Sarwat Fatima • July 13, 2015

Satoru Iwata, the man behind success of Nintendo, dies at 55

Sarwat Fatima • July 13, 2015

Government to install tracking anklets on 1600 terrorism suspects

Sarwat Fatima • July 12, 2015

9 inspiring Quotes for Pakistani Women to embrace entrepreneurship

Sarwat Fatima • July 11, 2015

Government websites to be translated into Urdu, orders the Prime Minister

Sarwat Fatima • July 10, 2015

Convo revamps the web application; adds targeted comments and over 400 integration tools

Sarwat Fatima • July 8, 2015

Major blackout in Pakistan, Karachi plunges into total darkness

Sarwat Fatima • July 8, 2015
Pakistani Hackers Hacked Indian Website

Pakistani Hackers hacked Indian website out of moral responsibility

Sarwat Fatima • July 3, 2015

PTCL Blogger’s Meetup: Charji EVO LTE Tab did not meet our expectations

Sarwat Fatima • July 3, 2015

Pakistan Education Department using FBI-certified forensic-quality fingerprint scanners in rural areas

Sarwat Fatima • July 1, 2015

Passengers can now travel on Etihad Airways with PIA tickets

Sarwat Fatima • June 30, 2015

This Ramadan, teach your kids the story of Islam through an interactive app

Sarwat Fatima • June 29, 2015

Engineering students can take a year off to start their own ventures

Sarwat Fatima • June 26, 2015