Fake online cab driver arrested over harassment charges

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The city of Karachi does not appear to be getting any safer, what with a string of criminal activities that have plagued the metropolis as of late. In an encouraging turn of events however, police officials have arrested an online taxi driver who not only possessed fake identification, but also harassed a female passenger.

Criminals posing as drivers of an online ride-hailing service isn’t exactly a brand new idea, but it has certainly become a common occurrence in Karachi nowadays. What’s more, this ruse allows the culprits to get away with snatching valuable possessions and harassment. However, a timely call for help is more than sufficient, as this case goes to show.

The Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) East Ghulam Azfar Mahesar told media that the culprit, who was running an online taxi via fake ID, was reported by his victim immediately.

The affected woman informs the police department through its helpline 15 over facing harassment by the taxi driver,” he said.

The culprit was subsequently shifted to an undisclosed location for a more thorough investigation.

In a similar case back in June 12, the police claimed to have arrested four individuals belonging to a “criminal gang” that was responsible for robbing customers of an online cab hailing service.

According to SSP Mahesar, the four suspects namely Ejaz, Sajid, Umer and Fawad were employing a cover of online taxi drivers to rob unsuspecting passengers of their valuables. As it happens, their actions were far more sinister.

Ejaz drove for a private online cab hailing service in Karachi and the group primarily targeted female passengers,” revealed SSP East.

Ejaz was not only charged with harassing and robbing a female passenger, he was also guilty of carrying an illegal weapon. The stolen possession (a cellphone) was eventually recovered with the help of a technical team at District East police station.

The arrested individuals, like many others involved in the same practice, managed to make fake driving licenses using Adobe Photoshop with the help of an official driving license branch website, according to the police.

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