FAST-NUCES presents SOFTEC 2020 – the biggest IT extravaganza

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SOFTEC is the biggest I.T event of Pakistan conducted every year at FAST-NUCES, Lahore. Following its 24 year legacy and the theme “Science and Technology – Our Islamic Heritage,” FAST-NUCES is all set to conduct this year’s edition of SOFTEC on 28th and 29th March 2020. The event is organized by the student body of SOFTEC Society – FAST-NU Lahore and sponsored by leading I.T. companies of Pakistan. It is a two-day event that is based on a wide range of competitions, socialization, adventure, and revelations of the basics of the I.T world.

The main purpose of SOFTEC is to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to allow young I.T enthusiasts to get exposure to the world of technology. Students, participants, alumni, faculty, I.T industry experts and pioneers from all over Pakistan gather in the event to discuss the recent happenings in the tech industry and explore their potential in different related fields.

Some of the modules comprised by SOFTEC 2020 are Software Project Competition and Exhibition, Engineering Project Competition and Exhibition, Programming Competition, Web Dev Competition, App Dev Competition, Robo Rumble, Graphic Designing Competition, Gaming Competition, Artificial Intelligence Competition, Ideas Xtreme, IT Conferences, and Software House Enclosure.

A number of competitions are conducted at the event that are highly competitive designed with the aim to test the skills and grit of participants. Prize pool worth 700,000 PKR is dedicated to encourage the winners and the people who do not win take back an inevitably incredible experience full of learning.

More than 1600 participants from 100+ universities took part in these competitions last year. Following ten competitions will be held at this year’s SOFTEC:

  1. Software Project competition and Exhibition
  2. Engineering Project competition and Exhibition
  3. App development competition
  4. Web development competition
  5. Artificial intelligence competition
  6. Robo Rumble
  7. Ideas Xtreme
  8. Programming competition
  9. Graphic Designing Competition
  10. Gaming

More than 6000 people from the I.T industry were proudly welcomed by FAST-NUCES in SOFTEC’19 and the footfall is only expected to grow every year. The open-for-all event comprises of a number of conferences and exhibitions apart from competitions. The conference hall witnessed some of the biggest crowds as influential personalities from all over Pakistan make an appearance and discuss major tech-related issues and trends prevailing the world.

The software project and engineering project exhibitions give final year students a chance to exhibit their final year projects and get them funded by industry leaders. The recruitment drive conducted at Software House Enclosure gives young individuals the opportunity to score their next job or internship while providing them with a chance of networking.

The sponsor companies that you will be able to meet at SOFTEC’20 include:


  • LunchOn
  • Educative
  • CureMD


  • Folio3
  • OmnoAI
  • GeniTeam
  • EVS
  • Amour


  • SolutionsINN
  • TkXEL
  • ExperLabs
  • Acrologix


  • Uber

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