[Forbes List] NetSol Technologies secures rank in “The Best Software Companies To Work For In 2015”

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NetSol Technologies managed to make Pakistan proud by being listed in Forbes list of “The Best Software Companies To Work For In 2015”. The company secured 330/500 spot on a sub-list of 500 software companies where employees would recommend it to a friend. 84% of NetSol employees would recommend their company to a friend while 79% of the employees approved of the current CEO. You can find Netsol in the list below.

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Louis Columbus, the Forbes contributor and an Enterprise Software specialist, went through great efforts to compile the list make sure that it remained subjective and truly reflected what it was meant to show. Louis complied analysis from Glassdoor’s previous ranking of software companies and used it as a baseline. With the added inclusion of percentage to reflect employee satisfaction internally and externally by rating satisfaction with Current CEO and recommending their company to friend respectively.

NetSol Technologies is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious software houses that specializes in financial solutions for different companies. It has achieved a global recognition for their work as they have expanded outside of Pakistan and facilitated clients from all parts of the world.

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Forbes is one of the most esteemed and noteworthy financial and business authorities spanning the globe. It is indeed an achievement for NetSol to be mentioned on Forbes in such an outstanding manner. You can check out more details at Forbes.

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