Gmail app for Android now features better phishing protection

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Android users around the world can now take a sigh of relief as with this new update by Google the danger of phishing attacks on Gmail users can now be stopped. Based on the Google’s Safe Browsing Technology, the new ability will help immediately identify the suspicious and nasty links.

This new move by Google is taken due to a widespread phishing scam that affected Gmail users around the globe. Phishing attacks on Gmail and Google Docs users are becoming eerily specific and that is why Google is taking stern measures to deal with this problem.

Google said, “It had taken action against the phishing attack that had affected Gmail and Google Docs users. It disabled the offending accounts, removed the fake pages, and pushed updates through Safe Browsing technology. The company also requested users to report any suspect phishing emails in Gmail”.

At first the users were being confronted with fake and malicious links while opening certain links from Gmail, but now with this new update, the Gmail will issue a warning: “The site you are trying to visit has been identified as a forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information.”

However, there is a high possibility that Google may block some sites which are not malicious, and for this purpose, the Google will not block access to sites but will advise you to open the link at your own risk.

For the time being this new update is only available to Android users and Google has not hinted whether it will make its way to IOS or not.

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