Hackers are targeting Pakistani taxpayers with FBR emails containing harmful malware, warns FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)  on Saturday clarified that the revenue body had not sent any e-mail after...

Apr 18 · >

Hackers target COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

According to a blog post by IBM security researchers, a global phishing campaign has been targeting organizations linked with...

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Dec 6 · >

Over 50,000 Snapchatters are facing “phishing attacks”!

Snapchat is under a Phishing attack from last July, which the company believes is co-related with the Dominica Republic....

Feb 19 · >

Google rolls out new phishing protection update for its user

In a bid to protect the users of Google Drive from phishing plugins Google has updated its platform with...

Jul 19 · >

Google has fixed the asymmetry in Chrome’s ‘new page’ tab

Google, world’s leading search engine came under criticism by users over its irritating asymmetry in Chrome’s ‘new page’ tab....

May 8 · >

Gmail app for Android now features better phishing protection

Android users around the world can now take a sigh of relief as with this new update by Google...

May 5 · >